Week 6 – Kant I: The Pre-Critical Kant on the PSR

This week we look at Kant’s discussion of the PSR and freedom in his 1755 New Elucidation, which was the first of two theses he wrote to become a professor at the University of Königsberg. In addition to discussing the PSR, particularly as it appears in the work of Leibniz and Wolff, Kant also discusses an alternative and broadly “libertarian” conception of free will articulated by Christian August Crusius, whose essay I’ve also included here.


  • Walschots, “Crusius On Freedom Of The Will”
  • Stiening, “The ‘Human Weakness’ Of Wolff’s Secret Recommendation”
  • Tester, “Crusius On Liberty Of Indifference And Determinism”
  • Allison, Kant’s Conception of Freedom (excerpt)
  • Byrd, “Kant’s Compatibilism in the New Elucidation

You can download all the secondary readings here.