Background Reading on Ground

Below are some central papers concerning, and useful overviews of, the notion of ’ground’ in contemporary philosophy. We won’t necessarily explicitly discuss any of these in class but they may be useful to those of you unfamiliar with contemporary debate.

  • Kim,
    • “Explanatory Realism, Causal Realism, and Explanatory Exclusion”
    • “Explanatory Knowledge and Metaphysical Dependence”
  • Schaffer, “On What Grounds What”
  • Fine, “Guide to Ground”
  • Rosen, “Metaphysical Dependence: Grounding and Reduction”
  • Audi, “Grounding: Toward a Theory of the in-Virtue-of Relation”
  • Barnes, “Symmetric Dependence”
  • Sider, Notes from a seminar on ground
  • Trogdon, “An Introduction to Grounding”
  • Raven, “Ground”

You can download the whole bundle here.